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#KeptWombs is the support group started by #TheWombKeeper. At least once a quarter, there will be a conference call. The purpose of this call is to come together and pray for each woman and/or man that is tormented by infertility. There will be communication regarding dates and times on our website (in this section), Facebook, Instagram, and E-mail. Feel free to join us!



If He did it before, He can do it AGAIN!


#TheWombKeeper is doing it again lol Or should we say GOD has done it again! Coming April 7, 2019 is another miracle baby. 

I thought that since it took so LONG to conceive and meet Worshyp, certainly it would take some time for Baby #2 to be conceived. Boy, was I WRONG! I was not ready...I am not ready. Haha!

It happened about 7-8 months after Worshyp was born. I started to feel like myself again. I then started to feel sick. Having experienced all the disappointments on my journey to meet Worshyp, I figured I had just eaten something bad. NO! I had more than "eaten something bad," I was PREGNANT! 

All these emotions overtook me BUT I could not help but be grateful that God had opened my womb AGAIN. He is faithful and I trust that just as He has done for us, He can and WILL do for you! 

#TheWombKeeper’s Story: My Worshyp is Forreal


The journey of infertility has been a long one. 

It was my 3rd pregnancy loss, Breonna Leilani. I remember going to see the doctor after she completely passed. “Getting pregnant is not the issue, staying pregnant is...” Yes, a doctor said this to me. I had it in my head that I probably wasn’t going to be a

I got married, divorced, and married again. More and more doctors said that it was not possible for me to complete the process; getting pregnant, staying pregnant, and delivering a baby and it seemed they were right.

Time kept moving. No baby. My husband and I were actively trying. All kinds of things were happening with my body and no one could explain them. I went to a doctor and she made me cry. I was transferred to another office. 

I met my angel, Sherrita. She had worked hand and hand with an infertility specialist. She gave me hope. Then the medicine did nothing. I give up. Threw in the towel. She tried to give me another treatment option and I said no. She kept saying, “you are GOING to have a baby!” But I was in a very dark place. “When will I get my happily ever after?” 

I had been prophesied to. I had been prayed for. I had been hyped up. All for nothing, it seemed. But God. 

I heard the Lord say,”I want ALL the glory. I’m going to do it BUT you can’t take the medicine. Cancel your next appointment and move it to May. When I do it I want ALL the glory.”

 Well, He did it and on December 4th, 2017, He received ALL the glory. Her name is 


P.S. Sherrita moved back to Texas about 3 weeks after Worshyp was born. 

Angela’s Story: God’s Delay is NOT a Denial!


Two years into our marriage I gave birth to our daughter. We knew we wanted a sibling for her. It was four years before I became pregnant a second time. 

At 22 1/2 weeks pregnant I went to the emergency room for what I’d hoped was a weak bladder to find out I was leaking amniotic fluid. I prayed “God please spare my baby’s life”, but by noon the following day I gave birth to a baby girl who lived just under 2 hours. Devastating! 

A year and a half later I became pregnant again. At 19 1/2 weeks my water broke at home and less than 24 hours later my son was stillborn. Devastating! 

Over a period of three years I had three miscarriages. I’d decided to go see my OB Gyn to discuss a tubal ligation and discovered I was pregnant. All the past losses had me more fearful and anxious than excited. I prayed “Lord, I absolutely cannot endure another loss. Please spare my baby’s life!” I was taken off work for the duration of my pregnancy, went in for a cerclage and put on bed rest. The cerclage was removed at 36 weeks and our son was born at 37 weeks! 

My husband and I, our family and church family covered me in prayer during that time and God blessed us! 

God’s delay does not mean denial!

Psalm 37:4-5

Fedna’s Story: Baby Boy Joy!



Over time I had struggled with becoming pregnant. Some may call it infertile but I tried to keep faith that one day I would be a Mommy. Then it happened...

My husband and I got pregnant. It was an ectopic pregnancy. I was so hurt. Then we got pregnant again, another ectopic pregnancy. I was really devastated and discouraged. I only have one tube left. I couldn’t believe that I could get pregnant again. Then it happened. 

In September 2017 I found out I was pregnant again. I was scared. I just wanted to be able to carry my baby to full term and deliver a healthy baby. Though due on May 31st, on May 2nd, 2018 I gave birth to a handsome baby boy. My life will never be the same!